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Use min, max, extend and map functions in D3.js

It could be very boring to add multiple values in a dataset in D3.js because we need to update scales, axis and shapes. This is not a big issue when you have just one value to add but if you have thousand of value to add in your dataset, you need to do it automatically. In D3.js you can update scales and axis regarding to the maximum and the minimum of your data.

What Makes a Great Visualization?

While Tufte's principles have been influential to many data visualization engineers, there is still a lot of debate about whether it's always better to eliminate elements that they would consider as junk chart. In this post I will talk about what makes a great visualization, we will ask us is chart junk always a bad thing. When we think about what visualizations are used for, our most important goal might not always be to just communicate the data in the most efficient possible way.

Why you Should Use an Automated Price Tracking Tool?

Introduction Online sales have increased significantly for a few years. The global lockdown did not reduce this trend, indeed it gave it much more power. Whether you have an online or an offline business, today, you could collect a huge amount of data from your business and from your competitors. This data allows you to have accurate reports in order to make better decisions. I recently developed an automated price tracking tool for an online sneaker seller.

How to Make your First Project in D3.js?

You have just heard about the power of D3.js but do not know where to start with? Relax, you are in the good place! Let me show you how to display a simple bar chart on your web site with D3.js. At the end of this post, you should be able to plot this type of chart: We will work with only three files: index.html, a file that contains the structure of your website;